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Fun, engaging, innovative music lessons

You want to learn music.

We're ready to help!

We offer the highest-quality online music lessons using a proven approach that has helped beginners and professionals alike. Backed by our decades of performance, education, and production experience, you can achieve your music goals, whether you want to take your music to the international stage, or you just want to be a more confident shower singer. Let us show you just how musical you can be and just how easy and affordable world-class music education can be!

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You may ask yourself... "How does that work?"

And the answer is, "Better than in-person lessons!" Here's why: We teach from a multiple-camera studio using state-of-the art presentation and music software and hardware. The benefits include:

  • Detailed demonstrations in close-up that could never be done in-person

  • Live marking and editing of lesson materials which are instantly shareable between teacher and student

  • Lessons can be recorded, including all camera angles, at the students request for review later.

  • Online access to all lesson materials, recordings, videos, and available from any device

  • Students can see music AND the teacher in the same window.

  • Presentation software allows the teacher to guide the student through printed material with unobtrusive pointers and focusers.

  • Excellent audio quality, far better than Zoom.

Online music production lessons to boost your skills
Piano Lesson


An award-winning composer, pianist, conductor, vocalist and educator... with a great sense of humor who believes life is too short to take things TOO seriously. After all, it's called PLAYING music for a reason...

You might find someone who has done more stuff in music than Steve Neale, but you'll have to look pretty hard. Steve composes music for media (KMOX in St. Louis, MO and WTMJ in Milwaukee, WI most recently), has worked on films and video games, music directs theatre and live events, does sound-design, conducts choirs (regular choirs, show choirs, other choirs), is a sought-after session pianist, accompanist and vocalist, works as a producer and video editor, has decades of teaching experience at the high-school and college level (Saint Louis University and Webster University) and is a speaker and clinician. He has performed on some of the biggest and smallest stages in the country and toured with the a cappella octet Pieces of 8. He graduated summa cum laude from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA with a degree in Film Scoring. If you want to know something about music...ANYTHING about music...Steve's your guy!

Lessons We Offer

Have a look! We offer a wide variety of lesson types. Don't see what you're looking for? Just contact us and ask! We might be able to work something out! Want to do more than one? We can do that! You book more than one lesson per week, or, if you don't want to have double lesson fees, you can alternate lesson types each week and only pay one fee!
Playing Piano
Piano Lessons

Haven't you always wanted to play the piano? Or maybe you regret stopping when you were younger? We can get you up and running, and we can teach you in any way that works best for you. Want to play the classics? No problem. Want to play jazz? Rock? Country? Blues? New Age? We've got you. Want to learn non-traditionally? Like maybe you want to play but don't want to learn to read music? No problem! Let's get rolling!

Sheet Music Edits

You've got music in you that needs to come out! We will show you how easy it is to get started creating your own original music. Some basic knowledge of music theory is helpful, but it's totally fine if you need some refreshers. Or anything at all! We've got you covered. We will examine musical form, melodic writing, harmonic support, arrangement, orchestration and some production.

Retro Singer
Voice Lessons

Whether you want to find your inner Ariana Grande or rock your face off like Axel Rose, or maybe you'd like to take the stage like Idina Menzel and be the next big Broadway name, we've got you covered. With a unique and proven approach, we aim to meet your singer goals in a dynamic yet healthy way. We will add more tools to your vocal toolbox, and find the inner voice that makes audiences (or just your cat if that's your thing) love your music.

Sheet Music
Music Theory

Want to REALLY learn music? Like...down to the core? Music theory is how the music we listen to is built and constructed. And. It's. So. Amazing. Whether you're just curious, need a tutor, want to pass the AP Music Theory exam, or whatever... we have a unique and easy-to-understand method that you'll love. Even if you think you hate music theory!

Online Guitar Class
Guitar Lessons

Become a guitar hero! From the basic campfire songs, all the way up to barre-chords, soloing and fingerstyle playing, from John Denver to Slash, learn to read notes and tab... or not! Let's just learn to play!

piano keys
Production Lessons

Production is where it's at these days! People are turning out #1 hits in their bedrooms! There's never been a better time to get involved in learning about how music is recorded, mixed, mastered and produced. And it it SO MUCH FUN! (You must have a computer and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software such as Cakewalk, ProTools, Logic, etc.)



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